The best designs are the spaces you fall into at the end of a long day.

They never feel fussed, they are elegant yet grounded and always speak your name. Post 31 Interiors gives you spaces you love to live in each day. 


Our Recent Projects


"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

- Thomas Morton

My pieces begin with studio drawings of live models moving through a series of poses. These are done quickly in pencil and charcoal, capturing the energy of the pose. They are finished with watercolor, sometimes in neutrals, and sometimes color. The human form has always captured my attention since my early days of studying art, and still remains a favorite. 
My commitment to #thebestfortherest and #whatyouleavebehind has taken me Paris to study with artists from all over the world, in a Parisian studio that was created over 100 years ago. Wobbly easels and stools, with many years of paint drips, help tell the story of this soulful retreat. This is my favorite spot to do my figure work. I am constantly inspired, challenged, and captivated with my surroundings, and the support and friendship of many fine artists. It is here that it was decided that my favorite nickname would indeed become my new French artist name...Gigi.  Please join me on my journey through social media!  BE BRAVE, LIVE INSPIRED,  and live your #bestfortherest!


Watch Teresa creating her art during a live drawing session.


Small but Mighty

I was so inspired recently working with my artist friend Anne Malvey, so this mini series was born.
My comfort zone is working LARGE, but stepped out to keep it small.
These little gems begin in pen and charcoal, are washed with watercolor, and finished with pastel, 

They are meant to exude lots of vibrant energy rather than be a realistic interpretation.
Perfect for layering on bookshelves, or filling a lonely spot on a gallery wall, these are packed with soulful energy.

Daily Inspiration