Meet Teresa Davis

Post 31 is an interesting name, where did it come from?

On January 31, 2009,  I lost my husband instantly in an aviation accident. Knowing that my youngest child would be leaving that summer (oddly enough, also on a 31st), I knew my ability to refocus and move forward would be my lifeboat in a suddenly empty sea. Life's unpredictable twists and turns gave birth to Post 31 Interiors and created a fresh focal point for life ahead.

How and where did you first begin to define your passion for design?

I was always creating throughout my early childhood, through the teenage years and then onto college. My room was an ever-changing experiment with color and pattern, many times with drapery, pillows, and bedding I designed myself. I was fascinated by the relationship between color and pattern. Getting my BFA at Kansas University exposed me to a varied Fine Arts backround with an emphasis on Design. I am passionate about art, anything crafted by the human heart and soul, and incorporate these elements into my interiors as much as possible. Twenty years as an Allied ASID designer has given me an abundance of experience where I am able to design spaces reflective of the homeowners.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere in front of me, at all times. The shadow of tree limbs on a street during a recent walk finds its way onto a bedroom wall.  A shimmery gold throw with hand crafted trim becomes a lovely pair of round poofs edged in shiny tassels at the hands of my talented upholsterer. A group of gestural nude sketches from the 1950s found at an antique market make their debut on a tiled bathroom wall. Of course travels always inspire and open the mind and heart to new inspiration.

What does your brand "Collected. Crafted. Curated." mean?

Collected refers to incorporating my clients' passions or collections into the design plan. These could be anything that provides emotional value and meaning including objects from travels, family traditions, art or sculpture, photography or even an assemblage of simple stones discovered on weekend walks by the lake.

Crafted is about using elements created artfully and intentionally by the human heart, hands, and spirit. A one-of-a-kind piece always contributes a very special energy and joy to a space, one to be treasured.

Curated means finding the perfect mix for a home, searching far and wide for a sublime balance of design elements for a project without settling. Not always about simply filling a space, but decisions about what to leave behind.

 Where are you working now?

My design work now includes working on several amazing projects in Memphis including a newly finished plan for an upcoming commercial job. We recently completed a beautifully-appointed downtown Denver high-rise with sweeping views, in addition to a warm and inviting Cherry Creek family home. 

Providing a diverse mix of eclectic furnishings and accessories, this Denver Interior Designer knows the best design should be interactive layers of texture, a blend of beautiful finishes and a unique combination of high and low, where comfort reigns.