Oh, About What Happened In Vegas Last Week…

Kate, Aerin, Kelly, and Christopher,

you are setting the lighting world

on fire,

all with your own signature style!

Shimmer, shine, lookin' ever so fine.

Such hard workers you rockstar mirrors, and you NEVER quit,

while you lean against the wall lookin' so

smokin' hot,

everyone around you seems to

sparkle so magically!


Flaunting a lot of leg is really your thing this year

so tall, slender, and

perfectly gorgeous,

you are really at the top of your game,

while elevating us all to such

fashionable heights.

What an amazing comeback

glamour girl,

so updated and you've detailed yourself with golden highlights

We NEED the tres chic element you bring infusing our lives with a little


Until we meet again, thank you dear Las Vegas Market

for entertaining us with all the latest trends!